Derivative of our surname {Louisse} which originally meant son of Louis

We are Erik (1984) and Tim (1982) Louisse, two brother's with a shared passion for design; Erik is educated as an illustrator and Tim as an architect.

On our trips we came across beautiful  old travelposters. We both fell in love with their appearance: their level of detail, their vibrant colors, their collage-like build-up, the typography and more...

This inspired us to make our own travelposters and postcards of Dutch cities. That's how we came up with: ‘Louissons - New Dutch Travelposters’.

All our posters are hand drawn. We try to evoke the atmosphere of the old travelposters, while we use our own style.

Our posters and postcards are printed on eco-friendly recycled paper and printed in a limited edition.

We get a lot of joy and satisfaction from making our posters. We hope that  you like them too!

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